Food Contact Materials Testing

Food contact material testing

Food safety is widely concerned, Not only for food, but also the materials for direct or indirect contact with food. Daily necessities in contact with food in contact with food, such as kitchen supplies, household products, packaging, etc., which will migrate the harmful chemicals into the food, which will harm human health.
The EU has promulgated the regulations on food contact materials (EC No. 1935/2004), Products sold in the EU Member States must comply with the relevant requirements of the directive.  At the same time, different member states on the basis of this regulation, according to their own situation, Formulated the relevant laws and regulations on food contact materials, such as Germany, France, the United States, China have the corresponding laws and regulations of food contact materials. CRT provide you with high-quality comprehensive testing services and technical advice

The United States regulations (FDA,NSF/ANSI 51,CPG 7117.05&06&07 and so on)
olefin copolymer polyethylene terephthalate
polyethylene ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
polypropylene polycarbonate
polystyrene  ceramic / glass / enamel
polymer resin coating  rubber / silicone rubber
Nylon paper / cardboard

The European Union regulations(1935/2004/EC,EU No.10/2011,84/500/EEC&2005/31/EC and so on
plastic silicone
stainless steel / aluminum / iron / electroplating rubber
ceramic / glass / enamel   paper / cardboard
organic coating  Wood / bamboo products

German regulations (LFGB,BFR Recommendation,DIN10955,DIN51032 and so on)
polyvinyl chloride  Polyethylene terephthalate
polyethylene metal
polypropylene Wood / bamboo products
styrene polymer Wood / bamboo products
Nylon ceramic / glass / enamel
Teflon coating silicone
general plastics  rubber

China (GB/T 15067.2,GB/T 11426,GB/T3532,GB 17762,QB 1999,QB/T 2174 and so on)
plastic resin  metal materials and products
plastic materials and products  Paints and coatings
ceramic / glass / enamel rubber materials and products