The full name of CPSIA “The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act”it was formally approved as U.S. Public Law (PUBLIC LAW) 110-314 on August.14, 2008. CPSIA has established consumer safety standards and safety requirements for children's products, redefined the terms of reference of the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) and expanded its law enforcement rights. The 《Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008》is the most strict consumer protection law since the establishment of the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) in 1972. In addition to more stringent lead content restrictions on children's products, it also permanent restrictions on three harmful phthalates (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate DEHP, dibutyl phthalate DBP, benzyl butyrate BBP) in toys and child care products were imposed. Transitional restraining order were imposed on other five  types of phthalates  (diisononyl phthalate DINP, dicyclohexyl phthalate DCHP, Dihexyl phthalate DHEXP, diisobutyl phthalate DIBP, di-amyl phthalate DPENP) . In addition the law and regulation increases the budget of Consumer Product Safety Commission and enlarges their enforcement rights, Including protecting whistleblowers and requiring third-party testing of certain children's products before they are marketed.

Chemical items Items Requirements
Lead Substrate: 100ppm;  Coating: 90ppm
phthalates BBP/DBP/DEHP/DIBP/DINP/DCHP/DHEXP/DPENP, each of which shall not exceed  0.1%