CA prop65

California Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is the act on toxic chemicals of USA California passed in 1986. The act has requirements on lots of products, including jewelry, textiles, toys and electronic appliances, and contains many kinds of chemical substances   currently. For jewelry, many cases existed and the main substances are lead, cadmium, phthalates, etc. In different case, the lead content limits are different.
Usual Case No. Items Requirements
Alameda Superior  Court,
Lead ≤ 90 ppm  (Surface of coating)
≤ 200 ppm
 (Except the exemption items);
The limits are different in children’s jewelry and adult’s jewelry.
Alameda Superior  Court,
RG 09-459448
Lead ≤ 90 ppm  (Surface of coating)
≤ 200 ppm(PVC)
≤ 300 ppm  (Leather)
≤ 300 ppm (Other materials)
(Except the exemption items)
Alameda Superior  Court,
RG 04-162075
Lead ≤ 90 ppm  (Surface of coating)
≤ 100 ppm
(Except the exemption items)
Alameda Superior  Court Case No. RG 10514803 Cadmium 300ppm (Except the exemption items)
San Francisco  Superior Court Case No. CGC-10-497729 Phthalates
3P,each of which shall not exceed  0.1% Remark: DINP has been added in the CP65 chemical list and its suggested  limit is 1000ppm.【Apply to all accessible PVC,  soft plastic, vinyl, and synthetic leather materials】
Other Acts If you need to other requirements, please contact with us.